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"The only person that can stop you, is you."


- Supportive father of a hungry creative 

My name is Lindsay, and I've been an artist and dreamer ever since I was a kid back in Brockville, Ontario. Today I enjoy making art with just about any medium I can get my hands on. 

I took my first leap from dreamer to "dream chaser" when I was accepted to Ryerson's Fashion Design program in downtown Toronto. From that moment on, going after what I'm passionate about has proved to be incredibly rewarding.

Fashion was my first love, and took a major role in developing my toolkit as a creative. I took pride in seeing something I cooked up in my head transform into a walking, moving thing in front of my eyes.

I spent my university years juggling serving (for the bills) and unpaid fashion internships (for the experience), where I grew a love for the marketing side of the industry. I eventually gained the confidence to start shaking hands and attending events where I could meet others like myself. 

Fast forward to my role with Mike-Paul Atelier, where I spent my first year outside of school building art installations, styling professional actors and athletes, and growing an admiration for branding and storytelling

When the pandemic took hold, I wanted to dive deeper into marketing and creative direction, and give this growing passion my full attention. I decided to take another leap of faith and attend Humber's Advertising program, specializing in Art Direction. 

At the time I was building brand kits for influencers and small businesses, and creating social content for my clients at Modern Collective. The program landed me great learning experiences and life-long friendships, as well as the opportunity to work with my creative partner, Ted Clow, at Elemental Inc.

Our most notable clients were Amaro Montenegro, Rice Select, and new cannabis delivery service, Kindling

To get to know where I'm at today and what's cooking in this creative brain of mine, send me a message below and let's chat! 

Don't be Shy! 👋🏼

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